Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ch 2 response

Chapter 2 features different ideas on the incorporation of electronics that is used in everyday life. The author would mention how the containments for the electronics is valuable and important. How the electronic would have an effect on the consumer.  I worry that the machine, electronics, and technology might have taken over our lives and enslaved us into dependable zombies.  We are constantly looking down at our phones when we're at an event, concert, restaurant, etc rather than enjoying life.  I do believe however that new aged technology has helped us in our appropriate occupation, for example: graphic designer and photographer.  We still have to use our minds and be creative, but it has become easier to get our creative thoughts and ideas on screen.

Ch. 1 Response

According to the author, Electronic objects have lost all essence and meaning of design.  They are only being created to be seen by audience with basic qualities rather than standing out and being unique.  Dunne would mention technological objects and compare them such as cough syrup and detergent.  He does this because their design is not aesthetically appealing to the audience, but rather functional.  The whole purpose of this chapter is to analyze and look at electronics.  Everyday in our lives, we use electronics and believe it is beneficial.  However, electronics can also dumb down and cripple us in today's society. Semiotics is the study of signs.  Fusion, packaging, fusion, and de-materializing were also shown in this chapter.  We sometimes rely too much on technology.

Art of Noise response

Art of Noise by Russolo features a main focus to music being heard by futurists. He ties noise with music because as technology progresses.  Russulo makes you think of noises that are nice to hear for you to understand his theory, but noise has a negative connation.  Music has had a long history as an important part of rituals.  Greeks making it fit the mathematical constructs of Pythagoras.  Rusollo hasn't had an interest in music, but he implores futurist musicians and composers to utilize the sounds of machinery in their music to make it more exciting and new. He believes that music and machinery are connected.  He also encourages futurist musicians to create new instruments that is capable of copying everyday noises. Leave the outdated sounds behind and embrace a new sound/noise. Noise keeps going and it doesn't end, even when Russolo was documenting his manifesto. Russolo has made an accurate prediction of our age of technology.  It has produced many new sounds that are recognizable.  Although Russolo wasn't really interested in music, he would probably be satisfied to hear the electronic music sound of today. 

Final Project (adjustments)

Changes made

Metal armband Armband made out of soft cloth wrapped around Arduino
LED Strips Regular single LED lights

Armband Instructables


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Final Project idea

A wristband with RGB LED lights featuring a temperature sensor that changes colors based on the room temperature or humility.  The power source will be in the back while the sensor will either be in a pocket or front.

  • Adafruit Temperature & Humility sensor
  • RGB LED weatherproof strip
  • A leather like material for the armband
  • 9v battery pack

Length of the wristband: 4-6 inches

What the wristband will do: The armband will change colors based on the temperature from it's sensors

What the wristband will look like: An object made out of possibly leather with pockets

The goal of this project: To see if I can successfully make a wristband that can sense temperature and humility change.

Armband examples(what It might look like): http://www.instructables.com/id/Wearable-Weather-Watch/


Copper - clad, look at Grace's blog for lights

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Good: Your robotic pet


Bad: Half moon clock


Ugly: Desk Foot Hammock


Ch 2 response

Chapter 2 features different ideas on the incorporation of electronics that is used in everyday life. The author would mention how the cont...